Reseeding keeps your lawn looking fresh and healthy. Over the fall and winter, the grass turns brown, and some of it dies. Leaves sometimes cluster over the grass and suffocate it to death. When spring finally comes around, your lawn can look terrible. The grass may be blotchy and uneven. Weeds infiltrate your lawn, leaving retched scars in the grass. What can you do to prevent this? Well, you have a few options, including, reseeding, extra watering, weeding, aerating, or just tearing your lawn completely out and starting over. The least expensive and quickest option is reseeding. The best time to re-seed is in late summer between August and September. The nets time would be in April or May. Late summer is the preferred time for the following reasons:

• The soil is warmer which is better for germination
• There are fewer problems with weeds
• The cooler season encourages grass growth
• There is less chance of water evaporation as this process requires a lot of water

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