Fertilizing Program

The program consists of 4 to 5 applications from March to November. Each application suited specifically to the time of the season.

• Early Spring Application

One application of Growth fertilizer with Crabgrass preventer provided essential nutrients required for healthy, vigorous growth of turf grasses and prevents crabgrass in the early spring season.

• Late Spring Application

One application of weed control plus fertilizer provides selective control of all broadleaf weeds and also continues to supply the turf grasses with fertilizer needed for lush growth.

• Early Summer Applications

One application of insect control plus fertilizer slowly releases provided protection of turf grasses from white grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, mole crickets, and other harmful insects plus acts as a fertilizing aid in maintaining and recovery of damage turf stress.

• Late Summer Application

One application of fertilizer provides lush green growth needed after summer water and heat stress.

• Fall Winter Application

One application of Fall Fertilizer provides essential nutrients for vigorous growth of turf grasses in the fall and to also prepare the grasses for winter hardiness.

• Lime Application (optional)

One application of lime reduces acidity in the soil which improves soil structure and liberates plant nutrients plus reduces thatch.